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New Healthcare Operations Management Program Offered Online


online healthcare degreesIt takes a team effort from professionals across the healthcare system to control costs and maintain quality, but the challenge of leading that effort rests squarely on the shoulders of healthcare administrators.

In early 2013, Nebraska Methodist College will offer a new online program — Master of Science in Healthcare Operations Management — to build skilled healthcare administrators ready to meet that challenge. NMC is currently enrolling students for the new program, which begins in March 2013.

Job prospects for highly-skilled healthcare administrators will continue to grow over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, at the same time, so will the obstacles healthcare administrators have to face — a greater demand for services from aging baby boomers, shortages of both doctors and nurses, and the dramatic reform of the Affordable Care Act.

Taught by industry leaders, NMC’s new Healthcare Operations Management program will equip students with skills in planning, directing and coordinating medical and health services. Students will be trained how to effectively manage the integration of people, processes, and systems in any healthcare environment. They will also learn important problem-solving skills that will allow them to improve their organizations by uncovering problems and finding and implementing solutions.

Coursework  for the program will focus on the following key themes: Leadership and Management, Healthcare Operations, Innovation, Healthcare Analytics, Financial Management, Health Informatics, Systems Thinking and Risk Intelligence, Effective Communication, and Human Resource Management.

The new online program is extremely flexible. Courses will be offered in one-credit, four-week-long sessions. There will be 11 four-week sessions per year, and a student will have the flexibility to take up to three courses during any four-week session. The format of the program allows students to work at the pace they choose, which could be different throughout a given year. A student could choose to take three courses one month while taking two, one or none the next.

More new courses on the horizon

healthcare degrees onlineNMC is planning to offer the following new degree programs in 2013 and 2014:

The Bachelor of Science in Imaging Science will be offered in Fall 2013 and is an extension of NMC’s two-year associate of science degree in Radiologic Technology. The program will allow current NMC Radiologic Technology students to pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree and will serve as a degree completion program for students from other accredited two-year Radiologic Technology programs.

In addition, two stand-alone certificate programs will also be offered in Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging for students seeking licensure.

Spanish for the Healthcare Professional will be offered in Fall 2013 as a minor for NMC students pursuing a bachelor’s degree. The program will also be available as a certificate program for graduates. The program develops the student’s conversational and written Spanish, focusing particularly on Spanish application in healthcare.

NMC is currently in the accreditation process for a new Doctorate of Nursing Practice program. This program, which is anticipated to launch in Fall 2014, will focus on developing advanced nurse practitioners, specifically family nurse practitioners. Healthcare has continued to become more complex, placing greater demands on nurses.  Based on the current healthcare environment and anticipated future shortages of physicians, there will be an increased need for nurses educated at the doctoral level to serve as practice leaders.

Anybody Need a Hug? They're Free!


The students, faculty and staff at Nebraska Methodist College are second to none. We've always known that. But once again, they continue to amaze us with their kind hearts, compassion and love. This time of year is stressful and hectic for everyone, let alone for college students wrapping up a tough academic semester. But that didn't stop a few of our nursing students from reaching out and showing that they care.

It all started earlier this year...

Nursing instructors, Cathy Barnes and Echo Perlman attended the Jean Watson Introduction to Human Caring Program earlier this year. The program emphasized tactics to help nurses and healthcare professionals fully integrate the science of human caring into their day-to-day practices. As part of the course, the participants were shown a video called "Free Hugs in Italy" that really encompasses the art of human caring. (See video at right.)

Instructors Barnes, Perlman, Casey Frost and Jodi Jensen-Bassett felt compelled to incorporate the "small things" in the classroom to emphasize caring and decrease student anxiety before exams. So this semester before the first exam in the NRS 340 class, the instructors showed the "Free Hugs in Italy" video as the students were coming in the classroom. The faculty held up free hug signs and stood at the front of the room. The students enjoyed this and so it became a ritual before every NRS 340 exam; each time, more students partaking in the "free hugs" from their instructors.

Fast forward to the last day of the fall semester. The final exam. Knowing that the students would be filled with anxiety, excitement and nerves for their final day in this class, the instructors thought they were being clever by bringing Hershey Kisses and Hugs to wish the students well on the final exam. But what happened next, brought tears to their eyes...

Students asked to play the "Free Hugs in Italy" again as a little pep-talk before their exam began. As instructors were distracted getting things set up, the students all took off their coats and sweatshirts to reveal each and everyone of them wearing a purple t-shirt with the words "FREE HUGS" in large pink letters on the front. On the back of the shirt was "Nebraska Methodist College NURSING" with each of the NRS 340 students' and instructors' names. Each instructor was then presented with their own "Free Hugs" t-shirt.

"What amazing students to coordinate something so meaningful and we didn't suspect a thing," said Perlman. "It truly brought us all to tears."

As Jean Watson said herself, "Caring is the essence of nursing." It's safe to say that these students and faculty, fully grasp the meaning of care.

free hugs nrs 340

Nursing Instructors

NRS 340 intructors: Cathy Barnes, Casey Frost, Jodi Jensen-Bassett and Echo Perlman.

How Do I Get an Online Degree in Healthcare?


msn degree onlineThe life of a healthcare professional can get a little hectic. Balancing work and family life can be a challenge in itself, leaving little free time on the schedule.

Healthcare Degrees Offered Online

For that reason, Nebraska Methodist College offers several online degree programs for those looking to continue their education without pausing their careers. NMC’s online offerings include bachelor’s, master’s and post-master’s certificate programs in nursing and health professions.

Online degree programs offer students a flexible alternative to on-campus classes and are great for those who want to continue their education while working full time. Being computer savvy is an advantage, but not a requirement to being an online student. NMC offers students an assessment and an orientation to prepare them for online learning.

To participate in an online course, a student must have access to the required technology — first and foremost, an updated computer in good working order with a strong high-speed internet connection. NMC has an Educational Technology department that supports students with technology questions.

While online learning is different from classroom-based courses, it is an effective form of applied learning. In online courses, students are often tasked with taking information from readings and applying it to researched-based writing, projects and written discussion with their instructor and class. Online courses also encourage participation, which is typically part of a student’s grade. Instructors often stimulate discussion within a class by posting questions that relate to the readings for the week, and students respond to the instructor as well as comments from their classmates.

Healthcare Degrees Online: How To Get Started

Applying for an online program at NMC is a convenient process. Students can typically complete an online application and submit the required application documents, including a resume, written statement and official transcripts, depending upon the program application requirements.

Online students have the same options to pay for college as on-campus students. Just like on-campus students, NMC encourages online students to complete the FAFSA to apply for federal financial aid, and students can apply for scholarships or take advantage of tuition assistance programs through their employer.Our business office can assist students in setting up a payment plan for those who want to pay as they go.

nurse educator loan options

Nurse Educators: Special Opportunity

Students interested in becoming nurse educators have a special opportunity at NMC through the federal Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP). Students pursuing nurse educator degrees may be eligible to receive loans that pay for tuition and fees each semester the students are enrolled in the program, fulltime or part-time. Up to 85 percent of the loan may be forgiven if the student serves as full-time nurse faculty for a consecutive four-year period at an accredited school of nursing following completion of the degree program.   

"Our aging population continues to escalate the demand for more nurses.  We need nurse educators to provide that training," said Linda Foley Ph.D., MSN, RN, director of graduate nursing programs at NMC.  "This program provides the incentive and the financial support to recruit the professionals who will be charged with educating that next generation of nurses."

Talk With Admissions Today

For more information about our online degree programs, contact our Admissions department at (402) 354-7200 or or request more information here.

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