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Allied Health Programs Offer Wealth of Career Opportunities


respiratory care program omahaThe need for skilled healthcare professionals isn’t limited just to the field of nursing. For that very reason, Nebraska Methodist College isn’t just a nursing college.

NMC offers an array of Allied Health programs that are perfect for those who have the drive and passion to work in healthcare and are ready to dive right into a career. Most programs are two-year associate degree programs with options to go on for a bachelor’s degree. NMC also offers certificate programs that range from nine weeks to 12 months.

“Allied Health programs are for students that have a desire to work with and help people who are sick or in pain,” said Dr. Patricia Sullivan, Dean of Health Professions. “A compassionate and caring attitude is critical.”

NMC’s Allied Health programs offer a variety of career paths, whether that is working with technology in radiology and sonography (cardiovascular or multispecialty), helping patients recover from injury as a physical therapist assistant or handing instruments while working side by side with surgeons during surgery as a surgical technologist.

Careers in Allied Health are also in demand. Respiratory care, for example, was recently named as one of the top 25 jobs in 2013 by U.S. News and World Report, while others, including medical assistants, have strong outlooks.

In each Allied Health program, NMC students receive valuable clinical experience throughout their coursework. Students learn in the classroom, practice in the lab and then reinforce their skills in the clinical setting in the same semester. This allows students to build real-life skills by practicing real patient care.

Students enrolled in an Allied Health program also are trained in cutting edge technology and software. Many of NMC’s Allied Health programs will become iPad-based in the 2013-2014 school year.

For more information about NMC’s Allied Health programs, contact our Admissions staff.

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Colleges See Increased Enrollments in Advanced Nursing Programs


rn-msn omahaNursing colleges across the country are seeing an increase in students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in nursing, according to a study released last month by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, and Nebraska Methodist College is no exception.

The study, which surveyed nursing schools across the nation, found a 3.5 percent increase from 2011 to 2012 in entry-level bachelor’s programs, an 8.2 percent jump in master’s programs, and a nearly 20 percent surge in enrollments in doctorate programs in nursing.

Nebraska Methodist College was featured in a story on local ABC affiliate KETV Channel 7 in a story about this very trend. In the past five years, NMC has seen a 29 percent growth in enrollment in its Bachelor’s in Nursing Science programs and its enrollment nearly triple in graduate nursing programs. The college’s overall enrollment has grown by 52 percent in the past five years. NMC is also in the accreditation process for a new doctorate in nursing program, reflecting the increased demand for highly-educated nurses.

More importantly for students seeking jobs, the AACN study also indicated a hiring preference for nursing graduates with bachelor’s degrees and above. Nationally, 88 percent of bachelor’s-level nursing graduates and 92 percent of master’s-level nursing graduates found employment within four to six months of graduation in 2012. Overall, NMC has a 98 percent job placement rate, which includes nursing and a number of other healthcare professions degrees.

The survey also asked schools of nursing if employers in their area were requiring or strongly preferring new hires with bachelor’s degrees. The findings showed that 39.1 percent of employers require new hires to have a BSN while 77.4% strongly prefer BSN-prepared nurses.

That data is also good news for patients as research shows that nurses with baccalaureate level preparation are linked to better patient outcomes.

For more information about the nursing programs NMC offers, visit our Nursing and Nursing Online pages.

Methodist Alumna Follows Passion with Therapy Horses


nmc alumniIn 2006, NMC alumna Deb Schultz saw a story on television about a miniature horse and her curiosity was peaked. She began researching the breed and has never looked back. Deb and her husband Ron now have a full fledged "mini-farm," the Dry Creek Mini Farm.

"There's a saying that minis are like Pringles potato chips, you can't have just one," said Deb. "Well, it was worse for us, we kept finding more that we liked and now we have almost 30 miniature horses."

The couple breeds and raises miniature horses, miniature donkeys, miniature mules, llamas, dogs and cats at their farm in Rock Port, MO.

Following a Passion

Because Deb has a nursing background, her dream has always been to start a miniature horse therapy program. The tiny therapy horses work inside hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers, children's rehab centers and to other shut-ins.

"Someday, I hope to be able to retire from nursing and just work with the horses, training them to brighten other peoples lives like they have for us. I guess I would still be nursing, in a sense, just not of the physical body but more of the emotional and spiritual body." 

It is widely stated that these miniature ponies have an ability to create an emotional connection with people they meet. They can bring a smile to an elderly person's face or fill an autistic child's mind with magic.

The horses can also provide a needed distraction to people grieving or who have just been through a tragic event, as seen in Newtown, CT. The Florida based non-profit, Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, sent a trio of horses to visit with the children of Sandy Hook Elementary and help begin the healing process.

Although still working as a nurse, Deb and her husband have started their therapy program: Dry Creek's Smidgeon of Sunshine Therapy. They have two tiny trotters, named Midgie and JR, who will be on the road in 2013 making lives brighter and providing comfort to those who need it most.

Deb graduated from the Methodist College of Nursing's Registered Nurse diploma program in 1981. She is currently a Med/Surg Nurse at the Nemaha County Hospital, a critical access rural hospital located in Auburn, NE.

You can read more about her farm at:

Online MSN Program Allows Student to Pursue Degree While Working


nurse educator degreePursuing an advanced degree in nursing while working full time can seem like a daunting challenge. But through Nebraska Methodist College’s online degree programs, continuing your education while continuing your career is a realistic opportunity.

NMC student Maria Medina is a great example of a working student. Maria, who currently resides in Alamosa, Colo., is expected to graduate in spring 2013 with a Master of Science in Nursing as an Educator.

Maria knows a thing or two about balancing a busy schedule. She currently works full time teaching at a local community college, and part time as a nurse at a local hospital.

Here is what Maria has to say about her experience with NMC’s online master’s degree program:

How has your experience been so far as an online NMC student?

“Becoming an online student was initially very scary. This was my first experience with online classes, but the faculty and online support professionals have been patient and understanding.

“My experience has been wonderfully challenging. I am constantly learning about teamwork and patience with the multimedia power of the Internet, and about my personal limitations and strengths. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to continue my education.”

Why did you choose NMC?

“I researched quite a bit before choosing Nebraska Methodist College’s MSN program. I was drawn to the program after reviewing the curriculum and looking at the student support services offered.”

What do you plan to do with your degree?

“I will continue at the community college as faculty for the next ten to 20 years and hope to do some online teaching.”


msn degree online


For more information about NMC’s online nursing and health professinoal degrees, request a free e-guide about the nursing and healthcare professional industry.





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