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How Hard Is Nursing School?

Posted by Marc Costanzo Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015

A nursing student who fell asleep on the textbook he was studying. Sticky notes are comically stuck to his face and there is a stethoscope wrapped around his neck. Learn how hard nursing school isThe Truth Revealed About Nursing School

We’re not going to lie to you and say that nursing school will be a cakewalk.  But if you’re truly set on a career in helping others and you have the drive to make a difference, then graduating nursing school isn’t just possible, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. But before you can evaluate just how hard of a challenge it might be, it’s important to first understand precisely what to expect from nursing school.

What to Expect from Nursing School

Preparation For A Career

Maybe you’ve heard stories of sleepless nights filled with studying or students whose every waking moment is consumed by coursework.

It’s true that there could be a few times when you become so absorbed in your work that hours go by without you realizing it. But think about this: the skills you’re learning and putting into practice will be the skills you spend decades honing to perfection.

Have you ever heard somebody grumble about having to take a class that has no relevance to their profession? Or known someone who consistently wonders aloud how they’re ever going to put a skill they’ve learned in class into action in the real world? That won't happen here.

Nursing school is about so much more than busy work. You’re not just studying to be studying. You’re studying the techniques that will enable you to help as many people as possible.

And it’s not like you’ll have your nose buried in a book the entire time either. That’s because Nebraska Methodist College has…

Clinicals in the First Year

You know what makes a class difficult? Spending months learning the ins and outs of a given subject without ever getting the chance to roll your sleeves up and put what you’ve learned into practice.

NMC doesn’t just saddle you with a bunch of books and say, “Good luck on the NCLEX!” Even as you’re studying critical nursing techniques in the classroom, your learning experience is supplemented with clinical exercises that let you put those techniques into practice in a hospital.

Learning on the job is a critical part of nursing school. It’s one thing to memorize a fact on page 192 of a textbook and know that you’ll need it for a multiple choice question at the end of the semester. It’s quite another to learn that fact and then be able to see that same piece of knowledge applied to a patient during clinicals. In this way, the information sticks with you and enhances not only your ability to pass a test, but your skills as a nurse.

Nurses to the Core

We supplement nursing coursework and clinical experiences with something that we call the Educated Citizen Core Curriculum. These classes, while not having a direct correlation with nursing, are important because they allow our students a greater understanding of the world at large. Students are encouraged to take part in healthy debates about topics of huge importance to almost anyone.

This fosters the type of communication that can real make a difference in a patient’s life. None of our students will be taught to simply go through the motions. Each of our grads understands the importance of opening up a genuine dialogue with their patients, becoming truly Educated Citizens of the world.

A Team Effort

In case you’re still worried nursing school will be too difficult, we’ll leave you with one more reminder: you’re never in this alone.

We pride ourselves on being a community at NMC. Your classmates will become the people you grow with. They’ll have your back when times get tough. That’s why we encourage everyone to take part in things like study groups, test prep and peer-to-peer tutoring.

And that’s not to mention the many types of advising offered by the college. NMC offers academic coaching, counseling, spiritual advising and other services all designed to help you become a better student and an empowered individual. We also have a growing number of student groups on campus that are always looking for new members.

So, How Hard Is Nursing School?

How hard is nursing school? It’s exactly how hard you want it to be. True, you may have to study, sometimes more than you’d probably like to.

But if you surround yourself with people who care about you and you really try to get the most out of the multifaceted experience being offered, you may just find that nursing school is the best thing that ever happened to your life.

Interested in a career as a nurse? Download our nursing career guide, which looks at trends in the nursing field and provides insights into the types of degrees and jobs that are out there.

Nursing Career Guide

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