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6 Lesser-Known Healthcare MBA Jobs That Are Worth Pursuing

Posted by Whitney Robertson, MBA, PhD Monday, Jun. 12, 2017

There are many drastic changes happening to the healthcare landscape resulting in several new opportunities for Healthcare MBA jobs.  The healthcare industry is in immediate need of leaders who have the education and skills necessary for guiding organizations through sea changes, including new federal healthcare legislation, the aging population and greater focus on prevention and wellness.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare provides education and skills training to create the kind of leaders who can stand at the forefront of a new healthcare management model. But what exactly are some of the jobs that need a business professional with a focus on healthcare?

Here is a list of six lesser-known Healthcare MBA jobs you can get with an MBA in Healthcare.

1. Healthcare Statistician

Healthcare statisticians work with a variety of data, such as population health data, patient-generated tracking data and healthcare claims, to look for trends and create actionable insights to improve health outcomes.

2. Medical Device/Pharmaceutical Product Manager

Medical device or pharmaceutical product managers can serve as a liaisons between clinicians and R&D for healthcare product companies. These managers are considered technical experts and are deeply involved in developing new market opportunities and commercialization strategies.

3. Health Information Managers

Professionals in this realm work at the intersection of software designers, health system administrators and providers. They focus on evaluating data to improve a healthcare facility’s information systems and quality of patient information.

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4. Clinical Strategist

Clinical strategists develop and implement initiatives to increase effectiveness and reduce cost. They may launch pilot programs, prioritize projects and analyze market trends in support of the organization’s mission.

5. Entrepreneur

Like any business professional, MBA in Healthcare graduates are armed with the skills to create their own business. In addition, they have a unique insight into the healthcare world, allowing them to anticipate the needs of the industry and develop novel solutions.

6. Any other MBA-related career

An MBA in Healthcare not only prepares you to be a leader in the healthcare industry but also throughout the business world. The possibilities are endless!

Get started today by downloading a MBA in Healthcare Degree Guide.

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About the Author

Whitney Robertson, MBA, PhD

Dr. Whitney Robertson joined the Nebraska Methodist College as adjunct faculty in 2016 and moved into the role of Academic Program Director for the MBA-Healthcare Management Program in 2017. She is also an assistant professor teaching courses in health operations management, strategic management, research evaluation and project leadership. Prior to joining the college she worked for seven years in research administration and technology commercialization at a large, integrated health system, and for two years in technology-based economic development consulting.

MBA Healthcare Degree Guide