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6 Reasons to Pursue an MBA In Healthcare Management

Posted by Emily Peklo Thursday, May. 20, 2021

MBA_BlogSq-DT-154009196Healthcare is a business.

It’s a unique business, one that’s primarily about helping people in need but that also relies on revenue. Because of that, the healthcare world needs leaders who are capable of addressing challenges at a system level while still making an impact on individuals at the patient level.

Healthcare management and leadership roles are in demand as hospital systems and clinics strive to keep pace with shifting demographics, increasing use of big data, technological advancements and evolving payment models.

Nebraska Methodist College is prepared to meet that demand by educating business professionals who seek to offer a compassionate approach to administration as they embrace the challenges of the future. Managers/administrators could earn a median salary of $104,280 (May 2019 statistic).

Not sure if a career in healthcare management is right for you? Below are a few reasons to pursue your MBA.

1. You’re a Healthcare Professional Who Wants More Opportunities

Oftentimes, a person who has spent years or decades as a nurse, a technician or a practitioner of some kind will seek out a job that offers a different sort of challenge. Maybe you want to get away from the clinical portion of care or you just want additional responsibilities.

Without an upper-level degree, it could be tough to take on an executive role. The MBA in Healthcare allows you to demonstrate to other leaders that you’re equipped with a healthcare skillset that also translates to effective management.

If you’re looking for additional responsibilities in healthcare, that position in management could be easier to come by with an MBA.


2. You’re a Businessperson Who Wants a Healthcare Job

On the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe you have no clinical experience at all but are still interested in healthcare. If so, you’d be a perfect fit for this program.

I hinted above at the challenges unique to the healthcare field. Not all business programs are set up to address these challenges. Running a hospital system can be quite different from managing other kinds of commercial enterprises. With plenty of MBA programs available, you need something unique if you truly want to enter healthcare from the management side.

Our MBA in healthcare management creates effective leaders because it combines proven managerial techniques that cut across multiple industries with those processes and insights that apply specifically to healthcare. With that kind of background, you should be able to seamlessly transition your business skills to a healthcare setting.


3. It’s a Great Entry Point to Numerous Organizations

Hospitals are but one of many types of organizations a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare provides entry to.

Health insurance companies need people skilled in business. So do clinics, long-term care facilities and even governmental organizations associated with healthcare.

So if a hospital isn’t your ideal locale? That’s okay, it’s only the beginning of where you can work with this degree.

4. It’s the Logical Progression From a Healthcare Management Bachelor’s Degree

The BS in Healthcare Management is a program that serves traditional students, even though it’s set up in a way that’s also friendly to those participants who aren’t coming straight out of high school. It provides an entry pathway to persons who want to get into healthcare but feel they belong somewhere besides the clinical side.

The MBA in Healthcare is different. It’s meant for persons who already have some experience in a healthcare setting or have some education in management. As such, it’s a logical progression for those who have taken the BS and see themselves moving even further up the management chain.


5. The Online Format Is Perfect for Working Professionals

We know that many people who pursue their Master’s degree will have family and professional commitments. An online program offers a certain degree of flexibility that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

The other added benefit is that it allows us to offer the degree throughout the entire country. Supply and demand in one area may ebb and flow, so having an online MBA lets us always be providing education to persons in parts of the country where demand is on the rise, serving anyone who feels they’re ready for new challenges.


6. It’s More Than Just a Business Degree

What separates Nebraska Methodist College from other MBAs is the same thing that separates us in other disciplines: our heart.

The compassion we emphasize to our students is something we fully apply to our MBA program. Just because you’re not in clinical rotations at a hospital doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference to patients.

When compassion informs your every move, from policy-making to management techniques, you’ll become a better business person. That’s the Nebraska Methodist College difference.

If you want to explore healthcare management, apply today and advance your education and career.

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