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NMC Welcomes New Staff

Posted by Sara Giboney Friday, Sep. 17, 2021

NMC Welcomes New StaffNebraska Methodist College (NMC) welcomes new faculty and staff to campus. 

NMC, located in Omaha, Nebraska, is an accredited, private, not-for-profit nursing and healthcare college.

All employees are integral to the success of the institution and students. The college cultivates highly engaged employees through its You Matter employee program, which aims to make employees feel valued during the hiring process, through onboarding, by making growth a priority, celebrating successes and offboarding with dignity.

Welcome the following new employees to campus:

Alina Borkowski, director of registration and records

Kris Cobb, associate professor of nursing

Laura Cool, clinical coordinator

Joy Cosseboom, assistant professor of nursing

Sara Giboney, marketing content creator and copywriter

Dixie Kornfeld, assistant professor of nursing

Kristin Loewe, coordinator of student support services with the TRIO SSS Grant Program

Andre Magness, security officer

Denyse McDonald, assistant professor of nursing

Seth Morrill, assistant professor

Tracy Ozzello, associate professor of nursing

Sydney Paden, recruitment and admissions coordinator

Erin Putney, assistant professor of nursing

Tina Spencer, director of campus facilities

Taylor Timperley, assistant professor of nursing

Hannah Wieger, assistant professor of occupational therapy

Colleen Woodward, program director of undergraduate nursing  

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