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Living On Campus vs. Living Off Campus

Posted by Molly Atherton, Dean of Students Friday, Jun. 5, 2015

Josies Village, Nebraska Methodist College's student housingGoing to college is a big move, and one question most first-year students ask themselves is whether that move should be into on-campus or off-campus housing. Which will be better for your college experience? Which will be more fun? You might be surprised how much independence on-campus housing offers. And when you add in all the other perks, it’s a tempting option for college freshmen.

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The Social Factor

When you think about living on campus vs. living off campus, one huge thing to consider is the social aspect. You’ll make lifelong friends at college. We see our students meet friends in class and in clubs, but often they form their closest ties with their roommates or the people living next door or down the hall in our housing complex.

You can easily meet up to study together or do some Netflix binge watching. When you live right next to people who are taking some of the same classes that you are, it’s that much easier to get to know them. You’ll love having the chance to spend time with your friends and be right in the mix of whatever is going on.

The Convenience Factor

One of the biggest perks of living on campus is that you’re on campus. You can get up and walk right to class without having to even start your car, think about traffic or factor in drive time. You’re right there!

You can come home for lunch if you like. You can nap between classes or run home for your phone if you forget it. Plus there’s the convenience of not having to worry about the hassle of monthly rent or utility payments.  

It’s also easier to get together with group members to work on a project, connect with professors, and attend one of the many extracurricular events happening on campus.

What About the Tiny Dorm Factor?

One drawback a lot of people note when thinking about living on campus vs. living off campus is the size of a standard dorm room. After all, you might want to hang out with your roommate sometimes, but what about when you really just don’t? Or when you need a quiet place to study for a test? How do you find privacy when you’re sharing a room the size of a cell block?

While that might be a check in the con column for on-campus housing at some schools, that’s not the case at Nebraska Methodist College. With our apartment-style housing, you can have both community and privacy, and the cost of living on campus is comparable to other Omaha apartments, if not cheaper, especially when you factor in the lack of utility payments.

Our apartments are fully furnished and include both a kitchen and a bathroom.  Oh, and everyone gets their very own bedroom. If your roommate wants to wake up at the crack of dawn to cram for a test and you’re more of a night owl, so be it.  You can stick to a schedule that suits you.

And if you’re worried about being stuck with some roommate who strums the bass guitar at 3 o’clock in the morning, we’ve got you covered.  You also have the option to live in a space that’s ENTIRELY YOUR OWN.  You might want a little more privacy or maybe you’re just not thrilled with the prospect of having a roommate.  That’s completely acceptable at NMC, where we offer plenty of housing options for students.

And One More Thing…

We have a pool.  So we’ve got that going for us.

Living on campus is a big part of the college experience, and it’s something we highly recommend. There’s nothing quite like bonding with the other students in your class as you make the transition to college life together. It’s something you will almost certainly not regret.

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