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Finding Balance When Working While In College

Posted on Thu, Dec 03, 2015

There’s only so much time in a day. So how do you maintain a comfortable balance between your work obligations and school obligations? Throw family into the mix and things get even more complicated.

We’re here to tell you that working while in college is possible. You just need to be willing to rely on the resources that are out there and put into practice a few tricks that will help you manage your time.

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Tips For Parents Going Back To College

Posted on Tue, Oct 06, 2015

As a parent who’s thinking of going back to school, you face a lot of obstacles that your average college freshman doesn’t have to deal with: daycare. A job. The daunting thought of going back to a setting you thought you left behind years ago.

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Topics: student life, college routine, transfer students

A Shoulder to Lean On: Student Support Services at Your College

Posted on Mon, Aug 17, 2015

With the fall semester starting up, there may come a time when you feel like you’ve been thrown into the deep end of the pool.

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Living On Campus vs. Living Off Campus

Posted on Fri, Jun 05, 2015

Going to college is a big move, and one question most first-year students ask themselves is whether that move should be into on-campus or off-campus housing. Which will be better for your college experience? Which will be more fun? You might be surprised how much independence on-campus housing offers. And when you add in all the other perks, it’s a tempting option for college freshmen.

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Heading to College? Do’s, Don’ts and a College Dorm Checklist

Posted on Fri, Apr 24, 2015

Heading off to college is an exciting milestone – especially if you’re moving away from home for the first time. But deciding what to bring and how to prepare for this new adventure has been known to cause the occasional freak-out. Never fear: We’ve got you covered. With help from our resident advisors, we’ve compiled a list of the do's and don'ts of planning for college life, plus we put together a handy college dorm room checklist you can download for free.

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Topics: student life, campus life, college routine

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