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Summer 2021 Dean's List Announced

Posted by Sara Giboney Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2021

We congratulate the 71 students named to the Dean's List!

Degree-seeking students with a 3.75 semester grade point average (GPA) or better who are enrolled in 12 or more credit hours have qualified for the Dean's List. 

Students named to the Nebraska Methodist College Dean's List for Summer 2021:

Diana Acuna

Shannon Alm

Hannah Barks

Janelle Beekman

Denise Beltran

John Berigan

Shannon Bleyhl

Nicole Borowiak

Kelsey Bradley

Rebecca Brasher

Tau'Toya Broadway

Kalee Brunner

Courtney Burkard

Brandon Caniglia

Katheryn Caskey

Emily Chapman

Madeline Christensen

Lisa Christensen

Madeline Coe

Christopher Cole

Denise Collins

Courtney Davis-Miraglia

Megan Duden

Malerie Dunning

Anna Eirinberg

Mason Emry

Kaycee Endriss

Madison Evans

Kinsley Gehle

Madison Gilmartin

Laura Glendenning

Dane Hansen

Tyler Hedlund

Trevor Hilger

Shelbie Howard

Andrea Huber

Vanessa Humphrey

Jason Irlanda

Kaitlyn Knutson-Smith

Sarah Kramp

Daniel Lahpai

Kellie LeBaugh

Brenna Long

Josephine Madsen

Charleen Marsh

Sumerlyn McClure

Colin Moore

Alexandra Neel

Emma Neely

Diney Osman

Amanda Penalva

Stephanie Perez

Christen Petersen

Camille Quinn

Amanda Reed

Anna Rigatuso

Jeanette Rose

Bailee Schrack

Courtney Schuster

Samantha Shuler

Trisha Simonsen

Grace Simpson

Charles Sloan

Camie Smith

Jordan Stickney

Kaitlin Stocking

Madeline Taylor

Madison Unzicker

Jessica Valora

Madelyn Vogel

Brette Wacha

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