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Seven Impactful Ways to Support Omaha Refugees

Posted by Whitney Robertson, MBA, PhD Friday, Jun. 18, 2021

This blog is sponsored by the Social Justice and Inclusion Council at Nebraska Methodist College (NMC). The council was formed in 2017 to foster a socially just and inclusive NMC community and establish full and equal participation of all groups in a society mutually shaped to meet their needs. Over the past several years, the council has facilitated many programs including implicit bias training, hosting guest speakers and conducting surveys to work towards its goal. 

Every year, individuals and families of refugee status join our community. To honor their courage and bravery, here are seven simple actions you can take to show them support:

1. Dine at a Refugee-owned Restaurant

Order a delicious dish from a local refugee-owned restaurant like Mercy Thai, Asian Burmese Restaurant, Lalibela Ethiopian Cuisine of Omaha or Zaytuna Food Truck.


2. Buy a T-shirt

Purchase and wear a “We are Better Together” shirt to show your support for the Refugee Empowerment Center. The proceeds provide the education and training that newcomers need to know how to become self-sufficient. 

3. Sign up for News

Sign up to receive  Restoring Dignity's newsletter. They are a local nonprofit that offers a wide variety of supportive services for Omaha refugees including education and donations. 

4. Donate Household Items

Did you overstock on toilet paper during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic? Donate some. Don't need that lamp that is still in good shape. Donate it. Restoring Dignity will accept household items and furniture. They also provide a list of items that are always needed.  

5. Give a Gift

Gift someone a new orange clove or vanilla-scented candle. They are hand-poured right here in Omaha by volunteers and refugees at the Refugee Empowerment Center. 

6. Write Your Representative

Omaha wins when all are welcomed. Share a message with your state senator that you stand with refugees. Find your representative


7. Attend an Advocacy Meeting

Log into an advocacy meeting. The Omaha Refugee Task Force, a collaborative effort of refugee community leaders, resettlement agencies, city officials and other service providers, has Zoom meetings that are open to the public. 

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About the Author

Whitney Robertson, MBA, PhD

Dr. Whitney Robertson joined the Nebraska Methodist College as adjunct faculty in 2016 and moved into the role of Academic Program Director for the MBA-Healthcare Management Program in 2017. She is also an assistant professor teaching courses in health operations management, strategic management, research evaluation and project leadership. Prior to joining the college she worked for seven years in research administration and technology commercialization at a large, integrated health system, and for two years in technology-based economic development consulting.