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The Healthcare Analytics Certificate Program consists of three non-credit courses, which will develop the knowledge and skills for an individual to be able to participate in, and lead, data analysis and improvement efforts. Healthcare organizations generate large amounts of data about patients, costs, supplies, staffing, and procedures. A key challenge is to understand and develop insights from data to improve patient care and services in order to answer the questions that invariably arise. This program will teach you how to identify a problem, analyze and interpret data, evaluate and ultimately share your findings.

The Healthcare Analytics Certificate Program

Three, non-credit, online courses. Each course is 6 weeks in length. Successful completion of all three courses will earn the student a certificate in healthcare analytics. 

Students will gain experience in:

  • Statistical measurement and analysis within the context of healthcare. 
  • Question development based on common workplace problems.
  • Operational procedures in a healthcare system, including workplace efficiency and productivity.
  • Question development, data collection, analysis and dissemination to solve healthcare related events.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness.