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Healthcare Analytics Certificate: Course Descriptions

Course 1: Fundamentals of Statistics and Measurement (6 weeks)

This course provides an introduction to statistics and measurement in the context of the healthcare setting. Descriptive and inferential statistics will be discussed along with an overview of the concepts of reliability and validity and their application to common workplace problems. At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to identify and implement the appropriate statistical test to answer common research questions. Additionally, students will be informed consumers of statistical research and be able to comprehend and synthesize statistical analysis.

Course 2: Systems Engineering (6 weeks)

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a solid grounding on the operational procedures of the health care system. Lectures will discuss theories for increasing work place efficiency and productivity, methods for their implementation in a health care setting, and the application of these theories with common healthcare tasks such as scheduling and decreasing wait time. Additionally, lectures will discuss procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of a workplace system.

Course 3: Advanced Statistics for Healthcare (6 weeks)

This course explores statistical and research issues that are specific to epidemiology. Students will be introduced to practical methodological issues such as obtaining data for analysis and measuring the progress of completing a research project. Advanced statistical methods that are particularly relevant to the health care setting will be introduced. These topics include longitudinal data analysis, relative risk, and survival analysis.