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Who is this certificate for?

This non-credit certificate program is tailored to the working professional who already has a bachelor's degree or higher. It’s ideal for:

  • Managers, analysts, nurses, and staff who want to learn effective data analysis techniques they can apply on the job

  • Full-time professionals who want flexible, online course schedules

  • Any medical professional who wants a better understanding of data analysis, systems improvement, and data mining.

What are the highlights of this certificate?

  • Flexible: All courses will be taught online over the Internet

  • Accelerated: Each of the four courses will be taught in a condensed 8 to 10 week format

  • Applied: Courses will emphasize real world and applied examples versus theory and formulas

  • Meaningful: Courses will require readings, homework, and group participation

Who can participate in the program?

The HACP Certificate program is only available to employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs.  In general, as long as you feel you are capable of doing the work, you are eligible to take the courses.  Since each non-credit course is taught in a traditional academic format, you need to have the self-motivation to review the course materials and the abilities to follow a class schedule and meet deadlines for completing coursework. Given these are online courses, the importance of being motivated and meeting class expectations are critical for your success.