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Congratulations to NMC’s Summer 2019 Graduates

Posted by Lizzie Moran Friday, Aug. 9, 2019

NMC's August 2019 Commencement Ceremony took place at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church.

Nebraska Methodist College welcomed its latest line of nursing and allied health graduates at commencement ceremonies held at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church on August 2.

The ceremony honored the accomplishments of the 155 nursing and allied health graduates who have the skillset, mindset, and heartset to be outstanding healthcare professionals. We proudly welcome each one to the ranks of NMC alumni!

Faculty member Jillian Krumbach congratulates a graduate and hands her a starfish, a special tradition from the alumni department.

A group of graduates pose for a photo before the ceremony.

Graduates show off their decorated graduation caps.

A new graduate poses for a photo with his family.

A group of students shows off their diplomas received at the commencement ceremony.

Here is the list of graduates with their degrees and special honors acquired:


Doctor of Education in Leadership & Healthcare

Di Nardo Leonce Bazile
Candace Diann Florence
Susan J. Riha Hall
Joshua J. Jackson
Deborah Lavel Jones
Michelle Marie Krupp
Ricardo Perez
Bryan Christopher Reese
Jacqueline Marie Reznicek
Tawnya Jean Roberts
Christopher D. Sanders
Alisa Michelle Burns-Simpson
Rebeca Carrizales Snodgrass
Genevieve Summers
Lesley Ellen VanVolkinburg
Vickie Wolken Wenzl


Doctor of Nursing Practice

Genevieve Akouba Allou
Chanda Richele Anderson
Joseph Anthony Anthone
Krista J. Frank
Beatrice W. Gichuhi
Dana Mae Griffin
Jeanette Nicole Kennedy
Danielle Marie Krohn
Megan Lihs
Wakilongo Lwesso
Paul Nathenson
Jayne Elizabeth Nelson
Kim Elizabeth Perry
Lisa Peterson-Stevens
Samantha Kay Renter
Amber R. Rogers
Alexei Rosenthal
Jill Renae Sheffield
Jacqueline Marie Stanzel


Master of Occupational Therapy

Kylie Andrea Bauer
Alison Rose Bean
Cassidy Jo Bentley
Levi Clifton
Kelsey Rose Doerr
Lauren Rae Enochs
Jasmine Erickson
McKenzie Rae Essley
Riley Sarine Focht
Laura Elizabeth Haley
Emily Iverson
Sarah Ann Krueger
Katelyn N. Leming
Jami Lee Nekoliczak
Bethany Jean Rogers-Vanek
Kelly Marie Sanchez
Hannah Schnacker
Kimberly A. Sernett
Erin Shuck
Jaicy Richelle Sutak
Andrea Kathern Tesarek
Nain Torres
Brandi Tucker
Ciara Leigh Voycheske


Master of Science in Nursing

Elizabeth Anderson
Jennifer Borer
Shaila Jordan Clark
Sarah Elizabeth Colpitts
Jennifer Lee Durham
Hannah Kathryn Ellis
Mary L. Hawkins
Jamie Marie Hodges
Rebecca Lyn Hollman
Sarah Faye Lawson
Jessica Rose Locker
Barbara Marie Ludwig
Cory Lee McAndrew
Erica D. Meier
Amber A. Messier
Kimberly Lynn Myers
Ashley N. Neumeister
Ashley Nihsen
Breanna Jayde Tripp
Jeanette Ulmer
Amanda Elizabeth Wyant


Master of Science, Wellness & Health Promotion Management

Emily Jean Lauinger


Post-Master’s Certificate, Nurse Educator

Mara Brianna Poynter


Post-Master’s Certificate, Nurse Executive

Mary Lou Mortimer


Post-Master’s Certificate, Nursing Informatics

Nicole Ann Petersen


Bachelor of Science, Imaging Sciences

Taylor Rene Bier  † Ω ***
Shane David Conley
Amanda Rose Cross  † Ω ***
Taisha Kay Garside ***
Sara Gramberg **
Caitlin Hurst ***
Vicki J. McIntosh **


Bachelor of Science, Healthcare Administration and Leadership

Caitlyn Aileen Bunten  Ω **


Bachelor of Science, Health Studies

Alexis Noel  Ω **


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Brittney Ann Allbee ***
Aaron Michael Alvarado
Kayleigh Michelle Banks
Ashley Mae Barr ***
Kaylee Ann Bobik
Bailey Ann Burrow *
Brittany Anne Dickey
Chessy L. Fahey
Marisa Graslewicz **
Carli Anna Holz
Kami Klanderud  † Ω **
Esther Lali-Tchegninougbo
Sydney Luehring
Lisa Marie Markussen ***
Bethany Frances Morrison ***
Regina Marie Muldoon **
Kelly Marie Nice ***
Jessica Catherine O’Connell
Ashley M. Olson
Jessica Ann Petersen **
Christian Hope Pirtle *
Vincent Michael Rosso
Kyerra Sherrice Sandeen
Connor Rae Silvey
Jill Renae Soldatke ***
Morgan Stromp
Haley M. Tunink **
Madison Vuagniaux
Cleone Elizabeth Warren ***
Brianna Washka **
Adam L. Wilson


Bachelor of Science, Respiratory Care

Keely Pinkerton *
LaToya Sharp ***


Associate of Science, Radiologic Technology

Shelby MaryAnn Colleen Andersen ◊◊◊
Courtney Carlson Ω ◊◊
Morgan N. Colburn ◊◊◊
Alexandra Tau Corzine ◊◊◊
John Fitzekam ◊◊◊
Marina Gologan-Cheairs ◊◊
Kiley Rae Gosker ◊◊◊
Kelsie Ann McClarnon ◊◊◊
Nancy Josephine Mueggenberg ◊◊
Stephanie Nelson ◊◊◊
Emily Dawn Niedfeldt ◊◊◊
Brianna Rogers ◊◊
Hannah Stafford ◊
Wesley S. Stuart  Ω
Jessica Lee Swanson ◊◊◊
Bailey Swantek ◊◊◊
Jodecci Jean Torrez ◊◊
Ryce Troyer ◊
Abby Van Den Top ◊◊◊


Associate of Science, Respiratory Care

Katherynn Sylvia Artz


Certificate, Medical Assistant

Jennifer Lynn Hampton ◊
Virginia López-Susano
Andrea Lucas ◊◊
Mayra Magaña-Lopez ◊
Cameryn Olivia McClellan ◊◊
Llyia La’Nae McKell
Kristen Marie Peters ◊◊
Kelly Anne Robbins ◊◊
Elizabeth Marie Tanous-Tomonelli ◊◊◊


Graduation Honors

Baccalaureate Honors Designation

  *** Summa Cum Laude

  ** Magna Cum Laude

  * Cum Laude

Associate or Certificate Honors Designation

  ◊◊◊ Highest Distinction

   ◊◊ Distinction

    ◊ Honorable Mention

† Educated Citizen Honor Society

Ω Portfolio of Distinction


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