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Congratulations to NMC’s Fall 2019 Graduates

Posted by Lizzie Moran Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019

NMC's December 2019 Commencement Ceremony took place at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church.

Nebraska Methodist College welcomed its latest line of nursing and allied health graduates at commencement ceremonies held at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church on December 13.

The ceremony honored the accomplishments of the 78 nursing and allied health graduates who have the skillset, mindset, and heartset to be outstanding healthcare professionals. We proudly welcome each one to the ranks of NMC alumni!

St. Andrew's Church was decorated for Christmas during December commencement.

A group of students pose with Dr. Whitney Robertson before the ceremony.

Graduates show off their decorated graduation caps.

A group of graduates pose for a photo before the ceremony.

A new graduate poses for a photo with her family.

Here is the list of graduates with their degrees and special honors acquired:


Doctor of Education in Leadership & Healthcare

June Ann Carpenter
Nicole Noelle Chipy
Katherine M Christenson
Ashley Darin Combs
Felicia Clark Harvey
Michelle LaVonne Massey


Master of Science, Wellness & Health Promotion Management

Melissa J. Sanborn


Master of Business Administration in Healthcare

Nadine Lea Bender
Samantha Farrell Bettin
Casey Cardin
Jessica Jean Dixon
Danielle Elizabeth Warner


Bachelor of Science, Health Studies

Courtney Elizabeth Caron
Julie Moritz Petersen


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Shawn S. Bathel
Joseph John Bellinghiere
Colton Boisen
Alexandra Mae Boulton
Makayla Marie Burton
Caitlin Marie Clark
Rakelle Lee Deen  ***
Ashlee Denny * 
Keri Echternach †Ω** 
McKenzie Jean Falcone †Ω** 
Jill Kimberly Grant  ***
Abby Groepper
Nicole Herazo
Joanna Holland  ***
Olivia Grace Holley  ***
Nichole Homan ** 
Elise Marie Hubel
Tatiana LaNae Huggins
Abigail Carol Hugo
Cheryl Anne Iddings
Brandi Jackson
Michelle Jackson
Gabrielle Jacobsen
Lauren Eileen Johnson * 
Courtney Anne Kennally ** 
Emily Ann Marie Kneib
Kirsten Langel
Lynnett Marie Limones ** 
Kiana Rene Maez
Jenae Mallette  ***
Kaylie R Martens
Kylie Morgan McClusky * 
Russell James Neal, Jr  ***
Kyle Joseph Nienaber
Danielle Brenna Obregon
Joseph Anthony Pitman
Tayler Plank
Jessica Pleskac
Ashley Rajan
Ashley L. Ramm  ***
Hannah Katherine Rau  †Ω
Jessica Lynn Schilling
Hannah Schrack
Gabe Shrank
Riley Siffring * 
Sarah Noel Sindelar  †Ω
Kassandra M. Slack
Megan Rae Smith ** 
Brittany Steponik
Molly Claire Tessmer * 
Aly Thielen
Marijke S Thompson * 
Kailey Brynne Urbina
Bo Joseph Vanis  ***
Hayley Nicole Wagner ** 
Abby Nicole Walter  †Ω
Abigail Jean Westerman * 
Brittney Diane Widhalm
Hannah Marie Wiese  ***
Alyssia Paige Williams * 
LaShon Dell Williams
Cole Witthauer
Laurene Elizabeth Yuskevich
Jamie Zeeck


Graduation Honors

Baccalaureate Honors Designation

  *** Summa Cum Laude

  ** Magna Cum Laude

  * Cum Laude

Associate or Certificate Honors Designation

  ◊◊◊ Highest Distinction

   ◊◊ Distinction

    ◊ Honorable Mention

† Educated Citizen Honor Society

Ω Portfolio of Distinction


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