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Congratulations to NMC’s Fall 2018 Graduates

Posted by Julie Cerney Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018

Diploma presentation during Nebraska Methodist College’s fall commencement ceremonies at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church.

Nebraska Methodist College welcomed its latest line of nursing and allied health graduates at fall commencement ceremonies held at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church on December 14.

The ceremony honored the accomplishments of the 75 nursing and allied health graduates who have the skillset, mindset, and heartset to be outstanding healthcare professionals. We proudly welcome each one to the ranks of NMC alumni!

Board member Ruth Freed congratulates new BSN graduate Kevin Kirshenbaum. A trio of new graduates pose for a photo.

Three men smiling and posing for the photo, the middle one wearing a cap and gown and holding his degree from Nebraska Methodist College

Proud family members take cell phone pics of their favorite graduate.

A proud new graduate poses with diploma and family.

Here is the list of graduates with their degrees and special honors acquired:

Master of Business Administration
Sarah R. Clark
Tracy M. Durbin
Lindsay Marie Forrest
Ashley Nicole Siebler
Scott K. Woodworth

Master of Science, Health Promotion Management
Marjorie Melvin

Master of Science in Nursing
Tasha L. Bang
Kayla Marie Carter
Ashley E. Denker
Katrina Leigh Diesing
Ashley Fae Ernst
Tammy Marie Johnson
Kami Michelle Loeffelholz
Debra Maddalena
Kerry Rees
Michelle Patricia Shields
Lindsey Mariah Wood

Master of Science, Wellness & Health Promotion Management
Corinna Paige Anderson
Danielle Christine Anson
Whitney Rose Clausen
Amanda Grace Evans
Leanne Annette Fisher
Christina Hoe
Emily Ann Lewis
Terry Palmer

New BSN shows her decorated graduation cap. The cap is Harry Potter themed and is made to look like the Marauders Map, reading "Mischief Managed"
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jennifer Leanne Andahl ***
Agnes Anokye
Mikayla Rose Baker † Ω
Trisha Ann Baker *
Paulina Bloomer-Madrid
Amanda Bokelman
Tiffany M. Boren **
Lindsey Kay Bundy † Ω
Andrea Rustine Clevenger **
Paul Joseph Curry **
Deborah Nicole Dennis
Jessica Easter-Fleischman
Kayla Lynn Fesler
Callie Ann Fischer ***
Hannah Elizabeth Friedman ***
Katie Jean Hart
Estee Kate Heitshusen
Erin Rae Hutchinson **
Amanda Marie Jensen
Sherri Ellen Johnson **
Taylor Nicole Johnson *
Naomi Patrice Jones Ω
Cassandra Marie Kessler **
Lisa Marie Kessler † Ω
Kevin Kirshenbaum
Meghan Kathleen Langdon
Erin T. Leutzinger *
Garang Ngong Lual
Megan Elizabeth Mohler
Luke Gerard Noble
Rachael Lynn Otte
Lindsey Marie Pelster
Jamie Lynn Petersen
Emily Ann Raygor
Nicole Marie Robinson
Carleigh Nicole Saathoff
Samantha Rae Scamfer *
Rachel Sarah Stolz
Kelsea Kae Stough
Bailey Jane Watkins
Jade A. Webb-Richards **
Emily Marie Wells
Kelsey Lynn White † Ω
Zane Kyle Wilson
Mishaela Lorene Woldt ***
Madeline Clare Zamora

Nursing instructor Kim Hall gives a student a hug before graduation. Bachelor of Science, Healthcare Administration
Lindsey Slaughter

Bachelor of Science, Imaging Sciences
Devin Marie Holdorf ***
Daci Lyn Smith *

Bachelor of Science, Respiratory Care
Sarah Renee Hope *


Graduation Honors

Baccalaureate Honors Designation

  *** Summa Cum Laude

  ** Magna Cum Laude

  * Cum Laude

Associate or Certificate Honors Designation

  ◊◊◊ Highest Distinction

   ◊◊ Distinction

    ◊ Honorable Mention

† Educated Citizen Honor Society

Ω Portfolio of Distinction


Faculty presenters line up on stage to await the graduates. 


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