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Tuition & Fees

Each course costs $275. The Healthcare Analytics Certificate Program is comprised of four courses, making the total cost of the certificate program around $1,100. In addition, each student needs to purchase the required textbook(s) which range from $50 to $125 per course. 

Knowledge & Skill Set Recommendations

Students will need to have a basic skill set and knowledge base to be successful in the program, including: 
  • The ability to prepare a document in MS-Word 
  • Working knowledge of MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint
  • The ability to navigate the Internet
  • The ability to explore mathematical issues
  • The ability to evaluate information presented on a website

Vendor Information

For course payments, your facility potentially will need to know our vendor information:

Vendor's name: Nebraska Methodist College; The Josie Harper Campus
Address:  720 N. 87th street, Omaha, NE 68114
Vendors TIN:  47-0724387
DUNS number:  804653608
Phone:  402-354-7061
Fax:  402-354-7090