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Healthcare Analytics Certificate: Course Descriptions

The four courses in the certificate program include:  

Course 1: Healthcare Data Analysis
This course will teach students how to complete a basic analysis of a set of data and be able to explain the results. The course defines data and approaches for organizing it, explores how to define a question (hypothesis) for a data set, teaches how to answer questions with data analysis by applying appropriate statistical summaries and tests, and develops skills for explaining and presenting the results of a basic data analysis.

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Course 2: Healthcare Systems Improvement
This course will introduce the concept of operations management and the strategic implementation of programs, techniques, and tools for reducing costs and improving quality. The course explores methodologies to align strategic and operational goals, including the use of project management tools and balanced-scorecard techniques to execute and monitor projects. It also explores process improvement tools, techniques, and programs, including Six Sigma, Lean, and Simulation. Note: this course can only be taken after having successfully passed Course 1.

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Course 3: Healthcare Data Mining (this course has a maximum on the number of participants per session)
This course will teach students how to discover interesting and unexpected business insights through the application of data mining techniques. Data mining combines in-depth statistical analysis, visualization, and other approaches to explore large amounts of data allowing discovery of relationships and patterns that can shed light on issues. The course explores data mining tools and techniques, as well as database theory and structures. Special emphasis will be on learning about data extraction and reports from VHA data warehouses and cubes. Note: this course can only be taken after having successfully passed Course 1 and Course 2.

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View VA systems & databases you must have access to in order to complete Course 3. 

Course 4: Healthcare Project Analysis
This course will improve your analysis skills for determining project initiatives and value. Selecting a good project involves determining project objectives, defining quantifiable goals, describing its value, exploring its return on investment in terms of cost and impact, and anticipating the risks. Special emphasis will be on developing these skills for the healthcare arena, as well as how they can be best utilized within the structure of the VA. Note: this course can only be taken after having successfully passed Course1, Course 2, and Course 3.

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