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Twas The Night Before Christmas At NMC

Posted by Marc Costanzo Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015

The NMC heart and dove logo constructed of snowflakes and topped off with a red bowTwas the Night Before Christmas, and all through the Campus,

Not a creature was stirring, not even the Krampus

The nurses all studied to pass the NCLEX

Reading textbooks and flashcards right up to their necks

Then Santa and Rudolph dropped down from above

Saying “What is this college of caring and love?”

But then that’s when Santa tumbled on the ice

He made such a clatter he even woke mice

All the students rushed out to see what went down

“There will be no Christmas, I can’t get around!”

The students, they looked from one to another

“Don’t worry there, Santa, no reason to blubber.”

Santa Claus propped up on crutchesSo they picked up Kris Kringle and then set about

Using caring and healing to help Santa out

The rad techs glowed with radiation and cheer

While the surg techs were helping repair the reindeer

The PTAs showed Santa how he could stretch

And whenever he grumbled said “Don’t you kvetch.”

Respiratory therapists helped him to breathe

While sonographers quickly examined his knees

The nurses helped him to stay jolly throughout

They showed him that there was no reason to pout

With all said and done, Santa found himself healed

He said, “Where have I landed, this place is unreal!”

They glanced at their college and shouted with glee

 “Santa, you silly, you’re at NMC!”

Then they heard him exclaim as he took to the air

 “You truly are teaching the meaning of care!”

A team of reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh through the air

Merry Christmas from

Nebraska Methodist College!

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