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TRIO SSS: A Brand New Resource for NMC Students

Posted by Vanessa Rodriguez Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2016

The members of the TRIO Student Support Services programI’m thrilled to share the news that, for the first time ever, Nebraska Methodist College is a participant in the TRIO Student Support Services program. This will enable us to offer unparalleled support to those students who have historically been underrepresented in college, providing them with opportunities that others may take for granted.

The new program will run in conjunction with NMC’s ongoing TRIO Upward Bound, which allows us to provide important resources to high school students so that they can make the leap to the college environment. This latest grant for TRIO SSS allows us to continue that dedication, helping persons entering college to receive a bachelor’s degree in nursing or allied health.

Here’s how we’re going to do it.

Top-Notch Support, Academic and Otherwise

Students who participate in TRIO SSS gain access to resources that enhance their learning experience while exposing them to the possibilities of the world around them.

If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll be eligible for grants and scholarships that only apply to students in SSS. What’s more, you’ll have individuals like me helping you manage these and other finances so that you’ll have a better idea than most of how to attain balance with student loan responsibilities, income and your personal life.

In fact, it’s the counseling component to TRIO SSS that’s arguably more important than the financial aspect. The program is in place so that you’ll succeed in school, and that means working with advisors to address those areas where you need a little help. You check in with one of us at regular intervals to get a handle on your school work and make sure you’re set up to succeed.

If you’re thinking this sounds like a hassle, it’s really not. It’s more about touching base to verify you’re on the right track with your course of study. If you’re doing great, that’s awesome! But where this comes in handy is during those situations where you’re struggling to juggle deadlines or finish that term paper or make it to clinicals on time. Life happens, and we can be your helping hand.

My favorite part of TRIO SSS is the different social and cultural events held around town. You actually get immersed in cultures you may be unfamiliar with, and it’s pretty cool to become steeped in a tradition that’s not your own and see how different people celebrate various milestones. You also get to go to places like the Orpheum and the Holland Center for free performing arts events that really round out your education.

Whom It’s For

TRIO SSS is designed to help students who fall into one or more of three categories.

  • First generation college students- Are you the first person in your immediate family to go to college? You qualify
  • Low-income college students- All you have to do is meet a certain threshold and you’ll qualify
  • Documented disability- This could be a physical or learning disability

You also need to be seeking your Bachelor’s degree and be able to complete it in four years. At Nebraska Methodist College, that means acceptance into our traditional nursing program or one of our three allied health dual enrollment options: Imaging Sciences, Respiratory Therapy or Women’s Medical Imaging. In these scenarios, you complete your first two years, get your Associate’s degree and then work in your newly certified position while you complete the coursework necessary to attain your Bachelor’s.

In the fall, we’ll also be launching a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management, entry into which would also qualify you for TRIO SSS.

From Participant to Supporter

Although I’m now the Assistant Director of the TRIO SSS program at Nebraska Methodist College, it wasn’t that long ago that I was on the other side of things. TRIO has been a part of my life for almost a decade now, and they’re the reason I am the first in my family to graduate from high school and college. Participating in TRIO enhanced my educational experiences both inside and outside the classroom, and I’ve become so passionate about this organization that I’m now responsible for bringing other students into the fold.

As someone who’s been through TRIO SSS, I understand its value and I hope that you will too. If you’ll be enrolling at Nebraska Methodist College this summer or fall or if you’re thinking of applying, I hope you’ll consider this valuable opportunity. I did, and it completely changed my life. I know it can change yours too.

For more information about TRIO SSS, please click here or reach out to me at

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