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Summer 2016 Commencement Ushers Grads Into Healthcare

Posted by Marc Costanzo Friday, Aug. 5, 2016

Nebraska Methodist College Commencement ProgramIt’s Commencement Day at Nebraska Methodist College, and all of us at the college are proud to watch as another class of exceptional students receives its much-deserved accolades.

At a ceremony taking place this afternoon at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church, our students from nursing and allied health, online and on-campus, graduate and undergraduate, certificate and degree programs will receive the honors that they’ve put in years of hard work to earn.

“As we continue the celebration of our 125th Anniversary, the most special moment of all is seeing our graduates excel in their personal and professional lives,” said Dr. Dennis Joslin, president and CEO of Nebraska Methodist College. “Their achievements are the ultimate vindication of an education centered on holism and compassion. I’m honored to welcome these incredible students into the noble profession of healthcare.”

These graduates continue a tradition that dates back, as Dr. Joslin points out, for 125 years. Please join us in congratulating the Summer 2016 class of Nebraska Methodist College, as listed below along with all attendant academic honors.

Master of Science, Healthcare Operations Management

Christina Marie Alkire

Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Educator

Julie Marie Faulkner

Dawn Michelle Fichter

Sabrina Ann Glesmann

Megan Gunnell

Annette Therese Kasselman

Angela Kay Kastner

Jacqueline Ann Koza

Mary Johanna Lopez

Kimberly Lynn Madsen

Adriane Elisabeth Ogden

Kimberly Lynn Robison

Julie Ann Schlick

Monika Elaine Venteicher

Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Executive

April Lynne Holeton

Megan Elizabeth Marble

Libby Mary Elizabeth Nutzman

Bachelor of Science, Health Studies

Claire Elizabeth Hulett *

Bachelor of Science,
Healthcare Administration

Kellie Irene Carruthers ***

Jamie Lynne Gilliland ***

Erica Christine Klabunde

Julia L McCann ***

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Rachel Megan Anderson *

Jamie Lynn Bishop ***

Allison Marie Blair *

Kristy Jo Christensen *

Tiffany Janay Graves **

Jennifer Ann Hansen ***

Wendy Patricia Healion **

Shanda Renea Hensley ***

Christine Ann Jonderko **

Jordyn Malia Latimer **

Rose Grace Lenzo *

Michelle Lynn Malick

Taylor Jordan Martin **

Kelly Joy Maslowsky ***

Charles McBride

Stacy Jo Paitz ***

Michelle E. Peacock ***

Melinda A Rawlings ***

Melanie Ann Royal ***

Kaylee Jo Shickell **

Cortney Laine Shipp-Pasek **

Madison Joy Sytsma *

Associate of Science, Radiologic Technology

Bethany Micaiah Allen ♦♦♦

Dane Joy Ames ♦♦♦

Jamie Jacqueline Buchmann ♦♦

Taryn Sue Day ♦♦

Shafer C. Fox  ♦♦E

Elizabeth Renae Goedert ♦♦

Breanne Lee Kimberling ♦♦

Erin Kim Libal ♦♦

Caleb McGowan

Lauren Marie Rieker ♦♦

Cole Jacob Stoltenberg ♦♦♦

Stacy Ann Thiel ♦♦

Michael Brian Wieseler ♦♦

Medical Assistant

Julie Beutel ♦♦♦

Abigail Lynn Bova ♦♦♦

Gianna Marie Caniglia ♦♦♦

Shari Michelle Fisher

Alexandra L Green ♦♦♦

Amy L Long ♦♦♦

Tina Marie Olvera

Anna Sophia Riekenberg

Pricila Robledo

Anitra M Williams ♦♦♦

Graduation Honors

To graduate with honors, undergraduate students must have maintained specified levels of academic achievement. These honors are identified by a gold cord.

Baccalaureate Honors Designation

***  Summa Cum Laude – cumulative GPA of 3.87 to 4.00

**    Magna Cum Laude – cumulative GPA of 3.64 to 3.86

*      Cum Laude – cumulative GPA of 3.50 to 3.63

Associate or Certificate Honors Designation

♦♦♦ Highest Distinction – cumulative GPA of 3.87 to 4.00

♦♦   Distinction – cumulative GPA of 3.64 to 3.86

    Honorable Mention – cumulative GPA of 3.50 to 3.63

Red, white and blue cords represent students who have military service, past or present.

E - Educated Citizen Honor Society

Nebraska Methodist College initiated an undergraduate portfolio process in 1998. All NMC Portfolios are submitted to a committee of individuals from student affairs and academic affairs. This committee assesses the portfolios on such criteria as curiosity, independence of thought and the transfer of learning to new situations. Students who submit exceptional portfolios receive a certificate and the honor of Portfolio of Distinction. Students who also receive an “A” grade on the portfolio presentation receive a cord to be worn at graduation (blue for associate-level students and silver for bachelor-level students) and become members of the Educated Citizen Honor Society.

Honor Societies

Sigma Theta Tau, international society of nursing, is signified by an orchid and white cord. Student members must have a 3.0 GPA, rank in the upper 35 percent of their class and meet the expectation of academic integrity.

Lambda Beta, national honor society for respiratory care, is signified by a green ribbon. Student members must rank in the top 25 percent of their class.

Lambda Nu, national honor society for radiography and sonography, is signified by a green and maroon cord. Student members must have a 3.0 GPA and evidence of professional commitment.

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