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Spring 2016 Commencement Gets Underway

Posted by Marc Costanzo Thursday, May. 5, 2016

NMC Graduation Commencement Program with NMC seal featured prominently in metallic inkCommencement has arrived at Nebraska Methodist College!

The festivities begin this afternoon as graduates and the entirety of the Nebraska Methodist College community take part in the President’s Reception. This event is a wonderful opportunity for our upcoming graduates to interact with each other one last time as students, share fond memories and bid farewell to college. It promises to be a great experience for all involved.

Tomorrow brings Commencement itself. Two ceremonies will be held at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church: one to honor our nursing graduates, and the other to honor our allied health grads. Both ceremonies will recognize the accomplishments of Nebraska Methodist College students as they take the next step in their lives and careers.

“In 1891, our institution welcomed its first class, and now here we are, 125 years later, once again commemorating the incredible scholarship of our students,” said Dr. Dennis Joslin, president and CEO of Nebraska Methodist College. “Each of these graduates has demonstrated compassion and excellence in pursuit of their dreams, and I congratulate our 2016 class on attaining their degrees and for the many personal achievements they’ve earned along the way.”

Help us congratulate these individuals. The list of graduates, along with their degrees and any special honors acquired, is as follows:

Master of Science, Academic Program Administration & Leadership


Jennifer Susan Jones, Perrysburg, OH

Master of Science, Healthcare Operations Management

Val John Goodman

Paul E. Perry


Larissa A. Eyberg, Council Bluffs, IA


Christian Adam Herdt, Omaha

Megan Suzanne Hollibaugh, Omaha

DiVonica M. Kight, Omaha

Brianna L. McGhee, Omaha

Jenene VandenBurg, Omaha


Joyce Ann Feller, Middleton, WI

Master of Science, Health Promotion Management

Aubrey A. Goff


Melissa Ann Reeves, Edgewood, KY


Nicholas Scott Krueger, Omaha, NE

Colleen Marie Parker, Omaha, NE

New York

Deborah Merwitz Ruggiero, Castleton, NY

Master of Science in Nursing


Debborah Laine Adams, Elkhorn, NE

Melissa Bell, Omaha, NE

Sheri Rena Cunningham, Omaha, NE

Kirsten Michelle Durham, Omaha, NE

Shaylene Michaels, Omaha, NE

Janice Morgan, Omaha, NE

Kiley Nicole Petersen, Omaha, NE

Lauren Ashley Tatum, Omaha, NE

Sheri Kimmey, Papillion, NE

Emily Margaret Pewett, Papillion, NE


Elizabeth Anne Cox, Madison Heights, MI

Post-Master’s Certificate, Nurse Educator

Pamela Kay Rutledge

Bachelor of Science, Imaging Sciences


Ashley Rose Burbridge,*** Council Bluffs, IA


Stefanie A. McKibbon,*** Hooper, NE

Bachelor of Science, Healthcare Administration


Ji Woslager,** Bellemont, AZ


Jaime Svoboda, Gering, NE

Debra Krivohlavek, Omaha, NE

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Aubrey Matzen*


Christen Rene Grimsley Stiverson,** Council Bluffs, IA

Antonio John Santon,*** Creston, IA

Adriane Lee Aufdenberg, Red Oak, IA

Conner Annel Currin, Villisca, IA


Zachary Roth,** Ashland, NE

Sarah Virginia Cherubin,***E Bellevue, NE

Sarah Lynn Marie Rawley,** Bellevue, NE

Melissa J. Smith,*E Bellevue, NE

Eric James Williamson, Bellevue, NE

Brook R. Lym,*** Bennington, NE

Paige McKenzie Giles,** Cedar Creek, NE

Karly C. Skipton, Elkhorn, NE

Emily Anne Steele, Fairbury, NE

Marjorie Moraczewski, Gretna, NE

Kendra Cordell, La Vista, NE

Alex Michelle Crouse,** Lincoln, NE

Brittany Kay Sager, Nickerson, NE

Audra Jean Altman,*E Omaha, NE

Jacquelyn Arant,**E Omaha, NE

Amy Lynn Baldwin,***E Omaha, NE

Alicia Marie Barnes, Omaha, NE

Karissa Bellus,***E Omaha, NE

Courtney Renee Bishop,* Omaha, NE

Asa Broadfoot,*** Omaha, NE

Michelle L. Cannon, Omaha, NE

Laurie Lynn Christensen, Omaha, NE

Brittney Lee Commins, Omaha, NE

Karina Corral, Omaha, NE

Rachel Marie CurryRE, Omaha, NE

Jake Faust,* Omaha, NE

Molly Elizabeth Feichtinger, Omaha, NE

Morgan Juliann Gasper,** Omaha, NE

Courtney Elizabeth Gazda, Omaha, NE

John Gobel,*R Omaha, NE

Sanaz Gurnett,*** Omaha, NE

Alexa Rae Janssen, Omaha, NE

Caroline C. Johnson, Omaha, NE

Alexandra Laurelle Kubat,E Omaha, NE

Hannah Lindberg,* Omaha, NE

Tiffany E. McDowell, Omaha, NE

Katherine McGillick,** Omaha, NE

Matthew Eugene Meyer,** Omaha, NE

Emily E. Miles, Omaha, NE

Taylor Marjorie Miller,** Omaha, NE

Kelsey Colleen Mitchell, Omaha, NE

Kasey M. Napper, Omaha, NE

Meleia Lynne Oestmann,** Omaha, NE

Melisa Padilla,*** Omaha, NE

Nolan Robert Peterson,*** Omaha, NE

Ashley C. Powers,E Omaha, NE

Taylor Blaine Raymond, Omaha, NE

Kylie Rocca,*** Omaha, NE

Jenney Sayavong-Hanson, Omaha, NE

Riley A. Schafer,** Omaha, NE

Abbey Rose Schlichte, Omaha, NE

MacKenzie Scott, Omaha, NE

Brittany Crystal Scully,** Omaha, NE

Sierra S. Short,** Omaha, NE

Matthew E. Sobczyk,E Omaha, NE

Shelby Jo Spicka,** Omaha, NE

Jaeca I. Stramel, Omaha, NE

Kaylen Swanson,* Omaha, NE

Jessica E. Tarsikes,** Omaha, NE

Kaitlyn Mary Tomasek, Omaha, NE

LeAnn Jane Vance,* Omaha, NE

Yanela G. Wallace, Omaha, NE

Courtney Anne West, Omaha, NE

Jamie M. White,** Omaha, NE

Seth Barton Williams,*R Omaha, NE

Amanda Lyn Beckman,** Palmyra, NE

Micah Elisa Agoncillo, Papillion, NE

Tracey Machelle Ehlin,* Papillion, NE

Jona Kerschner,** Papillion, NE

Aunna LaVonne Nogosek, Papillion, NE

Chelsea Nicole Portofee,** Papillion, NE

Ashley Jeaneen Schell,** Papillion, NE

Joshua Steinauer,* Papillion, NE

Sara Elizabeth Simmons,** Sumner, NE

Teresa ML McAllister, Yutan, NE

Associate of Science, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Cardiovascular


Ashley Rochelle Petersen,♦♦ Elkhorn, NE

Rachel Ann Volz,♦♦♦ Lincoln, NE

Casey Lynn Bartholomew,♦♦ Papillion, NE

Kate Jennings,♦♦♦ Plattsmouth, NE

Cari Laughlin,♦♦♦ Weeping Water, NE

Associate of Science, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Multispecialty

Baili Kleinberg♦♦♦


Ashley Marie Appelt,♦♦ Ainsworth, NE

Danielle Page Vaughan,♦♦♦ Blair, NE

Britney A. Kirby,♦♦♦ Omaha, NE

Felicia M. Vallejo,♦♦♦ Omaha, NE

Lauren Ashley Narak,♦♦♦ Papillion, NE

North Dakota

Jessica Marie Otto,♦♦♦ West Fargo, ND

Associate of Science, Health Studies


Eddie C. Davis Jr., Papillion, NE

Associate of Science, Respiratory Care

Michelle Liza Martino

Lynette W. Nikiema


Kimberly Denise Yacoubou, Bellevue, NE

Peter Chambers,♦♦♦ Omaha, NE

Olga Dillard, Omaha, NE

Michael Larson,♦♦ Omaha, NE

Antonino G. Nastasi,E Omaha, NE

Rebecca L. Watkins,♦♦♦E Omaha, NE

Associate of Science, Surgical Technology


Kara Rose Armatis,♦♦ Omaha, NE

Hannah Baumert,♦♦♦ Omaha, NE

Katelyn M. Cattlett,♦♦ Omaha, NE

Haleigh Elizabeth Cave,♦♦ Omaha, NE

Tasha D’Aun Mausbach, Omaha, NE

Michelle Nicole Mech, Omaha, NE

Jessica LaVon Prescott,♦♦E Omaha, NE

Krista Wachsmuth, Papillion, NE

Stacey Jensen, Valley, NE

Associate of Science, Physical Therapy Assistant

Karly Marie Watson♦♦♦E


Kristin Ann Burhenne, Council Bluffs, IA


Hillary E. Schulz, Fremont, NE

Molly Shea O’Reilly, La Vista, NE

Beth Kalemkiarian,♦♦ Lincoln, NE

Austin B. Siedel,♦♦ Lincoln, NE

Jenica Alana Lee Bloom,E Omaha, NE

Gerdon Jay Kopecky,♦♦♦ Omaha, NE

Brianna Lovett, Omaha, NE

Nico Anthony Mannino, Omaha, NE

Skyler P. Newhouse,♦♦ Omaha, NE

Ashley Jenee Rivera,♦♦ Omaha, NE

Megan MacKenzie Shenk,♦♦♦ Omaha, NE

Daniel Marvin Twight, Omaha, NE

South Carolina

Cheyenne Lee Gunther, Columbia, SC

Baccalaureate Honors Designation

*** Summa Cum Laude – Cumulative GPA of 3.87 to 4.00

**   Magna Cum Laude – Cumulative GPA of 3.64 to 3.86

*     Cum Laude – Cumulative GPA of 3.50 to 3.63

Associate or Certificate Honors Designation

sss Highest Distinction – Cumulative GPA of 3.87 to 4.00

ss   Distinction – Cumulative GPA of 3.64 to 3.86

s     Honorable Mention – Cumulative GPA of 3.50 to 3.63

E- Educated Citizen Honor Society

Nebraska Methodist College initiated an undergraduate portfolio process in 1998. All NMC Portfolios are submitted to a committee of individuals from student affairs and academic affairs. This committee assesses the portfolios on such criteria as curiosity, independence of thought and the transfer of learning to new situations. Students who submit exceptional portfolios receive a certificate and the honor of Portfolio of Distinction. Students who also receive an “A” grade on the portfolio presentation receive a cord to be worn at graduation (blue for associate-level students and silver for bachelor-level students) and become members of the Educated Citizen Honor Society.

R- Robert Wood Johnson Foundation NCIN Scholars

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing award funding to Nebraska Methodist College through the RWJF New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Program (NCIN). NCIN was launched in 2008 to address the national nursing shortage. At Nebraska Methodist College, this scholarship is awarded to students who are traditionally underrepresented in the field of nursing. The scholarship recipients wear a maroon cord during graduation.

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