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RN to BSN Tuition Reduced By Nearly Half

Posted by Susie Ward, Director of Nursing Thursday, Jul. 9, 2015

A nurse in dark blue scrubs smiling at the viewer with a stethoscope around her neck and writing on a clipboardThe word is out:  Nebraska Methodist College has reduced tuition for its RN to BSN program by almost half.

The move comes at an important time in healthcare. Hospital systems throughout the country are looking for ways to improve patient outcomes, taking a more proactive approach to care that emphasizes prevention rather than just reacting to illnesses as they’re presented.

One of the ways that hospitals are making these strides is by looking inward at their own employees. Registered nurses provide vital assistance in the care of anyone who walks through the doors of a medical clinic, hospital, or any other kind of healthcare setting. But the simple truth is that, as far as employers are concerned, nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) convey a level of experience and knowledge that hospital systems are looking for in the current climate.

The Goalposts Continue to Move

Currently, this shift has affected hospitals that tend to be located in and around larger metropolitan areas. Competition in such locales is fierce, so it makes sense that BSNs are sought-after when hiring managers are looking to fill nursing jobs in the healthcare arena.

In the future, you’ll see this same change go into effect in rural areas.  Many hospitals in such parts of the country will want to fill vacancies with BSN-equipped nurses in order to meet the complex needs of patients today.

Another example of the changing healthcare system is the nurses who are hired from travel nurse agencies.  Did you know NMC is associated with a traveling nurse academy that educates RNs interested in pursuing their BSNs? We’ve partnered with Medical Solutions, an agency responsible for coordinating traveling nurses and sending them to the areas of greatest need around the country.

Like other healthcare entities, they too have been encouraging nurses to secure their BSNs. That’s because hospital systems, even those that are short-staffed, are favoring individuals who have this degree.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t address the next ongoing movement, which finds more and more nurses securing their Masters of Science in Nursing or even their Doctorates of Nursing Practice.  Professional opportunities and salary expectations increase with each new degree level, as hospitals are setting the bar ever higher, and qualified candidates are rising up to meet that challenge head-on.

NMC: Embracing The Future

NMC strives to be at the forefront of any and all changes to the healthcare field at the local, regional and national level.  We anticipated the move to BSN as the standard years ago, and this latest tuition reduction stands as a signal of our commitment to the nursing community.

We want to make sure that all RNs who have ever thought about getting their BSNs are given that chance. Cost should not stand in the way of professional opportunity, and our new tuition rate reflects how deeply we care about this cause.

Anyone interested in our RN to BSN program can click the link to learn more about this wonderful opportunity. And for those who want to already take the leap into their MSN, we offer that chance too, with RN to MSN tracks geared toward the nursing professional who wants to become a Nurse Executive or a Nurse Educator.

The future is looking bright for nurses, especially those who are willing to embrace the changing climate in healthcare being experienced throughout the country. Learn more about how NMC can help your future.

Still trying to figure out if a career in nursing is right for you? Then download our Nursing Career Guide to learn about potential career paths and see why there’s more opportunity for nurses than ever before.

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