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Congratulations to NMC’s Fall 2022 Graduates

Posted by Sara Giboney Friday, Dec. 9, 2022


Nebraska Methodist College (NMC) welcomed its latest line of nursing, allied health and healthcare management graduates at its commencement. The ceremony took place on Dec. 9 at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church.

The ceremony honored the accomplishments of 90 graduates who have the skill set, mindset and heart set to be outstanding healthcare professionals. We proudly welcome each one to the ranks of NMC alumni!

Here is the list of graduates with their degrees and special honors acquired:

Doctor of Education in Leadership & Healthcare

Meagan Ranae Freml

Majesta M. Kitts

Aji Kurian

Kristi Ann McGuire

Kirsten Wheeler

Doctor of Education, Public Health Policy

Gina Audrey Greene

Doctor of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner

Laurie Lynn Christensen

Alexandria Pruitt

Doctor of Nursing Practice, Public Health Policy

Gloria Uchechi Njoku

Master of Business Administration in Healthcare

Elizabeth Anna Clark

Jodi Kay Goldapp

Master of Nursing, Nursing Informatics

Ariana Alicia Allen

Master of Occupational Therapy

Sophie Gruwell

Regina Lynn Suddarth

Master of Science in Wellness & Health Promotion Management

Tiffany Patrice Sanders

Bachelor of Science in Imaging Sciences

Summer Ann Clausen***

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Angie Renae Arispe**

Brielle Dawn Beck***

Kelsey Elizabeth Beck

Lauren Beisheim*

Haley Nadine Bekins*

Caroline Bor*

Amanda M. Cable

Utsahana Chaudhary

Haley Jo Coleman*

Sara Kathryn Collins**

Viktoreea Linda-Sue Gabriella Cox

James M. Dannelly

Jeena DeAnn Davis

Alexis Lynn Dent

Natalie Mya Dinh*

Ashley Fischman

Emma Jo Goos

Mariyah Millie Griffin

Annie Hacker

Elia Marie Healy**

Madalynn Helm

Sarah E Hoffman**

Miranda Danielle Iwen*

Sierra Rae Jenny

Makayla Kalama

Madelyn Lickteig*

Paige Kaitlyn Livermore**

Cori Rae Loptin

Abby Christina Mason ***

Haley Marie Matson

Madeleine E McCabe

Cheyenne Lynn McCann*

Efren Mendoza-Lopez

Maria Regina Middendorf***

Briana Violet Murphy**

Danielle Marie Neels

Kelsey Danielle Olson **

Anna Paskevic**

Alexa Petri**

Sydney K. Rheault

Donisha R. Richardson

Maria Isabel Rodriguez**

Marilou Elsabeth Placek

McKena Ann Roubicek*

Claire N. Schilousky***

Michele O. Siani Pougoue

Grace Elizabeth Simpson*

Brooke J Sliva*

Amanda Christine Sloup

Payton Rose Sonderman*

Danielle Spooner

Sabrina Elizabeth Stratman***

Nyaliet James Teng**

Taylor Testa

Cassandra Marie Thomas**

Jordanna Trausch

Gabriel Scott Wagner

Jessa Jane Westcott

Jessica Whitney

Halie Taylor Wilson

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, LPN to BSN

Alicia M. Burns

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN to BSN

Esther Yeon Hur

Katelyn Knier**

Kelcey Therese Lee**

Enkhmaa Magsarjav**

Tanna Marie Pretzer***

Sherri Schlueter***

Karissa Lee Sims***

Jose A. Soria-Martinez***

Associate of Science in Health Studies

Jamie Barr

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certificate

Dane Joy Ames

Abby Costa

Katherine Hernandez-Mayorga

Mammography Certificate

Anne Lynn Schmith

Baccalaureate Honors Designation

*** Summa Cum Laude – cumulative GPA of 3.87 to 4.00

** Magna Cum Laude – cumulative GPA of 3.64 to 3.86

* Cum Laude – cumulative GPA of 3.50 to 3.63

Associate or Certificate Honors Designation

◊◊◊ Highest Distinction – cumulative GPA of 3.87 to 4.00

◊◊ Distinction – cumulative GPA of 3.64 to 3.86

◊ Honorable Mention – cumulative GPA of 3.50 to 3.63

† Educated Citizen Honor Society

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