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College Confers 71 Degrees at Fall 2017 Commencement

Posted by Gerard Pfannenstiel Friday, Dec. 22, 2017

Nebraska Methodist College held its Fall 2017 Commencement Ceremony on Dec. 15.

Dozens of Nebraska Methodist College students have joined the prestigious ranks of the nursing and allied health fields.

The accomplishments of these individuals were recognized at the Fall Commencement Ceremony hosted at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church on Dec. 15.

Degrees bestowed included the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing, the BS in Health Studies, the BS in Imaging Sciences, the Master of Science (MS) in Nursing, the MS in Health Promotion Management and the MS in Healthcare Operations Management.

Nice Cap: "I got my BSN and that's no A-Fib"“These graduates have truly embraced what it means to be a healthcare provider,” said Dr. Deb Carlson, president and CEO of Nebraska Methodist College. “The holistic approach they’ve learned will enable them to serve patients and make a real difference in the lives of so many people over the coming decades. I’m honored to witness their growth and look forward to seeing the many ways they’ll make a positive impact on our world.”

The list of graduates, along with their degrees and any special honors acquired, was as follows:

Master of Science, Healthcare Operations Management

Meghan Grum

George Raymond Hanerfeld

Marcia Ann Keith

Cynthia Susan Stewart

Master of Science, Health Promotion Management

Keellia Anne Guevara

Master of Science, Nursing

Grace Margaret Meehan

Demetria Katerina Panopoulos

Leigh Rischette

Amanda Jo Rooker

Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Anna Christine Bachmann

Makayla Anne Bell

Amanda Beth Cage *

Darlean M. Clark

Chelsea Anne Clarke

Brianna Alyse Codney

Jennifer Ann Daley *

Meagan Marie Deeds

Jennifer Lynn Dobey **

Hannah Ellis ***

Rachel Alina Fedorko ***

Courtney Marie Gau

Jordyn Ashley Giles *

Haleigh Franceen Grieve

Madison Taylor Halinski **

Kayla Ann Hasenjager

Kaelah Anne Hataway **

Megan Michelle Hill

Madalyn Aleyce Hoaglund

Julia Rae Jacobs **

Olivia Christine Kelly

Abby Marie Ketter *

Matthew James Kisicki *

Charlotte Klein *

Jenna Steven Kneip ***

Maria Gabriella Koenig **

Katelyn Marie Kurtz ***E

Katy Marie Linder

Barbara Marie Ludwig **

Paige Elizabeth Machacek ***

Ciera Nicole Magill **

Karen Elizabeth Manhart *

Cyilee Ann Martin **

Robb Christopher McBride *

Katherine Clare Meade *

Lauren Marie Meeske

Erin Jennifer Mohlke **

Aubrey Ann Molgaard *

Kendall Reid Nichols

Paige Elizabeth Niedermeyer **

Taylor Nicole Pabian **

Emily Jo Rich

Brittany Linn Richter **

James Daniel Ryberg

Gina Marie Sanford

Haley Lynn Schwahn

Taylor Marie Seberger

Kristy Anne Shanks

Brenda Marie Smith **

Kailey Ann Spencer

Jessica Stagemeyer *

Janette Lynn Stuart **

Daneila Rae Troyer

Mindy Marie Walters ***

Stacy JoAnn Watts ***

Sara Alyssa Widhelm *

Coryn Amber Woodward

Cody Jay Wyatt

Taylor Renae Zaracki

Hailey Elizabeth Zech

Bachelor of Science, Health Studies

Kimberly Denise Yacoubou

Bachelor of Science, Imaging Sciences

Stephanie J. Moreno


Baccalaureate Honors Designations

*** Summa Cum Laude – Cumulative GPA of 3.87 to 4.00

** Magna Cum Laude – Cumulative GPA of 3.64 to 3.86

* Cum Laude – Cumulative GPA of 3.50 to 3.63

Associate or Certificate Honors Designation

sss Highest Distinction – Cumulative GPA of 3.87 to 4.00

ss Distinction – Cumulative GPA of 3.64 to 3.86

s Honorable Mention – Cumulative GPA of 3.50 to 3.63


E- Educated Citizen Honor Society 

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