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A Thank You From Helen Zelfel

Posted by Ashley Bails Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013

helenLast week, we posted on Facebook announcing that Helen Zelfel will be retiring after 30 years of unprecedented service to Nebraska Methodist College. We all know how wonderful Helen is but we were blown away by how many of you commented and "liked" the post wishing Helen happiness in her retirement.

As you know, Helen has been the face of NMC for many years and has taken the concept of customer service to an exceptional level.  Over her 30 year tenure, Helen has assumed many roles from Housemother, Receptionist, Secretary in Childbirth Education and has worked in the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid and our Front Desk to name just a few. 

Throughout all of her 30 years and numerous positions her driving passion was to make sure that she knew all of the students and that each guest who entered the doors of NMC felt welcome.  Helen never missed an opportunity to make a great first impression with someone new to NMC. 

Helen’s last day with NMC will be Friday, November 22, 2013 so if you have a chance, stop by the front desk to wish her well in her retirement.

Because Helen is not on Facebook or Twitter (maybe something she can take up in retirement?), we sat down and showed her all of the kind things you all were saying after her retirement announcement. So she has taken the time to write a thank you in a way that only Helen can. Enjoy...

From Helen Zelfel:

Wow…..I truly have been touched by the many messages sent in response to my retirement from NMC via face book.  As November 22nd approaches I am feeling sad at the thought of not seeing the many students, faculty and staff who pass this desk.  I have been amazingly touched by the number of people who have blessed my life in the past 30 years.

I’ve heard (and even said) “It’s your family who will remember you, not the people at your work”.  After pondering this statement, I will  beg to differ (even with myself). 

I can go back 30 years and still remember:

  • Louise James (now retired, former supervisor of housekeeping),  Lynn (now retired, the lady who started up the bookstore)

  • Dr. Roger Koehler (now deceased, former NMC President….walked by the desk with a twinkle in his eyes and would say “Have a nice day” on a daily basis)

  • Jean Beyer (now deceased, but such an instrumental person in making NMC so people friendly and oh boy was she ever phenomenal with the programs she shared with so many people)

  • Susan (Bauer’s) Joslin (now at College of St. Mary’s, she was instrumental in helping a former student deal with her blindness and yes helping so many other students)

  • Cheri Micek (now retired, we worked the front desk together….now we will be visiting via telephone often)

  • Mark  (former student, who came for the kitchen key everyday so he could bake his Totino’s pizza)

  • Ryan and Beth Barr (former students who are now married…they knew each other before NMC)

  • Tim and Amber (former students, met at NMC and now married…I loved the story of that proposal)

  • Doug Warren (former student, loved our mini chats over his cup of coffee and my cup of cappuccino)

  • Mary Davis (former student who only had two semesters before graduation and lost her vision. She is a true inspiration to me to this very day.  Mary, “I LOVE You!”).

I could go on and on and on and on ….my point being people (students, faculty, staff, etc.) are remembered and truly bless our lives and make us who we are.  All of the students, staff and faculty here are amazing. 

NMC is “My Best Place To Work”. 

Thanks for the memories!!!

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