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Summer 2022 Dean's List Announced

Posted by Sara Giboney Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022

NMC Students Named to Deans ListWe congratulate the 68 students named to the dean's list!

Degree-seeking students with a 3.75 semester grade point average (GPA) or better who are enrolled in 12 or more credit hours have qualified for the dean's list. 

Students named to the Nebraska Methodist College dean's list for summer 2022:

Samantha Adamson

Ashley Ayoub

Salla Ba

Brielle Beck

Abigail Beekman

Vale Brannan

Laura Bryant

Chloe Caldwell

Rachel Castro

Lucas Chamberlain

Madisen Clevenger

Amber Cox

Inga Denholm

Brittany Dosen

Grant Duffy

Hannah Dunse

Nina Eicke

Carlee Ellis

Jessica Everitt

Stacey Gaboury

Taylor Grefe

Hannah Guild

Nolan Healy

Kendyl Heuertz

Audrey Hollman

Kate Huff

Kailey Johnson

Kalab Kibret

Sydney Klein

Brenda Kneifel

Kaitlyn Knutson-Smith

Amanda Kohlbek

Corinne Kotouc

Jacqueline Laird

Hannah Langer

Hanaa Lewis

Blake Lienemann

Morgan Lindsay

Nicolette Luthi

Kaitlin McCaig

Sierra McClain

Ryan McGowan

Julie Meiner

Heidi Meisheid

Chelsie Melia

Adelyn Mertlik

Maria Middendorf

Nodumo Mlupi

Morgan Nelson

Alishia Nelson

Emily Pawoll

Riley Rettenmaier

Laura Roecker

Reanne Roper

David Savory

Kaitlyn Schmit

Sabin Schram

Brianne Sedlacek

Samantha Severin

Angela Spence

Tanesha Temple

Cassandra Thomas

Rylie Unzicker

Brynn Vanis

Nikole Wagner

Maggie Weber

Thomas Wells

Ashley Wheeler

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