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Six Tips for College Students During Summer Break

Posted by Elizabeth Billington Monday, Jun. 9, 2014

6 Tips for College Students During Spring BreakSummer break can be a chance for college students to rest and recharge after a busy year. It also can be a great opportunity to get ahead. In either case, it’s important for students to retain the valuable knowledge and skills they learned in the classroom. 

Kevin Powers, Coordinator of Academic Success at Nebraska Methodist College, offers the following tips for students to use their summer wisely in order to hit the ground running when they return in the fall: 

1. Use it or lose it

It’s a lot easier to forget things than it is to remember them. Find ways to stay connected to your material during summer break. Make time each week to brush up by reviewing notes, answering questions in textbooks or practicing some of the skills you learned in your labs with friends. It can prevent you from having to take time to relearn that material later. 

2. Get a Job

Finding a summer job or internship in your field of study will help you maintain, and likely expand upon, the knowledge you’ve learned in the classroom. Plus, that job or internship will give you important experience that you can put on your résumé. 

3. Take a summer course

If you want to get ahead, taking a class during the summer can be a good way to earn credits ahead of schedule and maintain your academic momentum. Keep your expectations realistic though, and don’t overload yourself with too much work. 

4. Work ahead

Even if you’re not taking a summer class, you can still get a jumpstart on fall by doing things like previewing the texts or viewing videos online associated with your upcoming courses. Reach out to your instructor for recommendations. 

5. New students, get to know your advisor

Advisors are filled a wealth of essential information. Visit them often and ask questions. They can help you plan your schedule as well as understand what to expect in your first year and beyond. 

6. Take a break

College is tough, and sometimes we all need a mental break. Whether you are working to maintain what you’ve learn or trying to get ahead, make sure to find time to relax and properly recharge your batteries this summer.

Feel free to comment about your favorite summer activities.

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