Course 2 Details and Books

Course Description

This course will introduce the concept of operations management and the strategic implementation of programs, techniques, and tools for reducing costs and improving quality. The course explores methodologies to align strategic and operational goals, including the use of project management tools and balanced-scorecard techniques to execute and monitor projects. It also explores process improvement tools, techniques, and programs, including Six Sigma, Lean, and Simulation.


Course Objectives

  • understand the challenges and opportunities for improving a system
  • be introduced to a range of tools for exploring a system
  • discover how the concepts of Lean allow you reduce waste
  • learn common hospital-wide productivity metrics and how the balanced scorecard allows one to measure operations
  • learn process improvement strategies for improving patient flow and minimizing waiting times
  • be able to explain the operational disadvantages due to long response time, identifying potential causes, and the strategies for managing them
  • understand how fluctuations, variability, and uncertainty impact a medical facility and healthcare delivery
  • become familiar with scheduling and capacity management
  • learn approaches for managing a supply chain



Healthcare Operations Management – 2nd Edition, Author: McLaughlin, Olson, Publisher: Health Administration Press, ISBN: 978-1567934441  (cost is approximately $105)